• Accuracy About Abuse

    This site contains a collection of scientific and professional papers relating to child abuse as well as medial stories. The papers are dvided into newsletterse and articles on the subject by the author Marjorie Orr The aim is to help prevent future abuse, and to suppport those trying to protect and care for current victims. There is a warning that some of the material is distressing It was started in the 1990's to as an information and campaigning project run by the author to counter the distortions in the "false memory" debate.

  • UK Register of Expert Witnesses

    A free (if there still is such a thing these days) register of experts. One has to register and get a password to access the register. A search for "child abuse" produced scores of experts. Worth a try. We used it recently when we were approaching a deadline and found some useful experts. There is a shortage of experts with experience in child abuse in the country.

  • UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy)

    The opening statement on the site says "The Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP) exists to promote and maintain the profession of Psychotherapy and the highest standards in the practise of Psychotherapy throughout the United Kingdom, for the benefit of the public. The National Register of Psychotherapists is published annually, only therapists who meet the highest standards and abide by its ethical standards are included." So if you want access to a psychotherapist for your own or a client's purpose then this site is a useful source of reference. Their countrywide register can be purchased for £45.

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