On behalf of victims of child abuse, the Association of Child Abuse Lawyers, whilst welcoming the concept of centralised responsibility for children, disapproves of the appointment of Margaret Hodge as Minister for Children in the recent cabinet reshuffle.

The history of matters in lslington Borough Council when Margaret Hodge was employed by the Borough Council must raise conflicts of interest for her.

The Association considers that survivors of historic abuse arising from matters, which occurred in Islington, may have to give evidence in court in the future. If Margaret Hodge is a witness then conflicts in her role as Minister of the Crown and as a court witness must arise.

The association would prefer to see an independent commissioner for children rather than a politically appointed Minister of government.

“The choice of Margaret Hodge as the Minister is inappropriate having regard to certain historic investigations surrounding Islington Borough Council” said Peter Garsden Vice-President of ACAL.