Following Lord Justice Jackson's 2017 review of Costs, the Government made proposals to implement his recommendations concerning fixed costs being applicable for cases worth £25,000 to £100,000. The idea is to extend the existing fixed costs regime applicable to cases worth up to £25,000.

Jackson in his 2016 report recommended that cases involving Assault on Police and Child Abuse should be exempt from this regime.

At ACAL we decided to respond to the consultation in order to make sure that Jackson's proposals would be implemented for all abuse cases as opposed to just those concerning Child Sexual Abuse, which is the proposal put forward.

To read our response Documents please click the links below

Summary ACAL Responses (2019)

Long Version of ACAL Submissions (2019).

ACAL Response to Consultation ( 29/12/16)

Thanks must go out to David Greenwood of Switalkzis for preparing not only the recent response which can be downloaded, but also that submitted in 2016 which was unquestionably successful