In this edition you will find:-

  1. The Lambeth Children's Home Redress Scheme by Malcolm Johnson
  2. Analysis of the law of Limitation and its prevention of law firms taking on deserving cases by David Greenwood
  3. Paperless Working in Abuse Claim Work by Caroline Packer, ACAL Member and Managing Director of DMR Collation Ltd.
  4. Why do survivors pursue legal claims? NAPAC calls for participation in research project.
  5. Hidden Extras - a first hand account of secondary traumatic stress by Lee Moore.
  6. Compensation Scheme for trainees at Detention Centre , Rob Casey, Switalskis
  7. IICSA Internet Investigation, Kieran Chatterton, Switalskis
  8. Audacious Attempt to Overturn Positive Claimant Decision Fails, David Greenwood, Switalskis.

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