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Kirklevington Detention Cenre

Kirklevington Detention Cenre

Duration of abuse
1988 to 1988

Our client of Simpson Millar LLP alleges severe physical abuse suffered at Kirklevington Detention centre from 1988 to 1988 at the age of 14 and a half years. Our client alleges that he shared a dorm with 10 other boys and was made to get up at 6:30am everyday and then was made to march to the wash area and then made to spend all day scrubbing the floors. The client and other boys were made to play violent games. One game was called 'nigger 19'. The game involved being whacked by a big black plimsoll and then being made to chase him. Our client was abused physically by Mr B, Mr H, Mr C and Mr H. Mr B punched our client in the chest. Mr H picked our client up by the ears. All 4 men listed above would beat our client up and every time he fell to the ground he would be asked to pick himself back up.

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    Kamrun Haque

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    Simpson Millar LLP

    Lead Solicitor
    Peter Garsden

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