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Website User Help

ACAL Members area  of website Log in instructions and profile update for new members

1. How to log-in

The Log in link is located at the bottom of the home page (see below)


This will take you to the screen shown below.  Your username and password for the new site will have been sent to you via email in June or if you have recently joined, you will have set them yourself.   Solve the calculation and enter the result in the third box.  Once logged in you will have access to the Members area containing databases and other information.  You will also be able to update your own contact details.


2. Lost Password

If you have lost your password or just wish to change it, the lost password prompt is provided below the log-in .  Follow the instructions and you’ll be provided with a link to the website where you can change your own password.  Usernames cannot be changed.

Adding Homes, Experts and Counsel to website databases

We welcome contributions from members to our listings of homes, Experts and Counsel.

Instructions are as follows:

1. Homes database.

Log-in to the Members area of the website (see instructions above)

Click on the ‘Care homes database’ link in the menu on the top bar (indicated by arrow).

This will take you to the following screen. Click on the ‘Add a Care Home’ link.


2. Experts and Counsel Databases: You can add suggestions to both these databases in the same way as for the Homes Database.